Saturday, July 4, 2009

Random thoughts on a Saturday

Saturday is the day I am looking forward to after 5 days of hard work. But this Saturday, there was a presentation about ISO standards by a consultant in the morning. In my true fashion, I always ask the hardest questions (according to My Big Boss once during a review, I seldom talk much and gossip, but when I opened my mouth, people get in trouble ha ha). I don't know if that was a compliment or what ha ha.

I am quite disappointed with my new line. Just like any Malaysian company service, it was only good for the first two weeks and then it starts giving me problems. In typical way, I think most of the company here just wants fast cash from the customer without the foggiest notion on how to maintain the customers. Its just like those credit card people at the shopping complex, they always ask you to take another card to support them, but when we ask give one reason we should take the card, they cannot explain..

Was wearing a classic grunge shirt today, lotsa people ask about it. And if you want red or blue checkered shirt, Topshop in Queensbay has one ha ha.

Both the shirt and jeans are Esprit brand ha ha

People always wonder what I do at shopping complex on weekends. Of course I go and watch other people, their behavior and fashion sense, now you know..

I bought 3 shirts today because if you see my picture in facebook, in most of them I will be wearing the same shirt, so its time to go back old school, white shirt with blue jeans ha ha..

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