Sunday, July 26, 2009

At Queensbay on Sunday..

I was passing by and saw Lillian Too giving a talk on Feng Shui to prospective house owners. Now that's a new style of promoting your houses.

Actually I am always fascinated by this Lllian Too, a lot of purist Feng Shui master really don't like her because she does not really know that much, but she was writing all these books on Feng Shui. The interesting thing is she makes more money then these purist Fend Shui master, so who is really the expert in making money. And don't give me the "I am not in it for the money, I just wanna help people" talk..ha ha.

Which brings me to the conclusion, you don't have the best at what you do, but its how you promote yourself that matters in this day and age.

Don't believe me? Two good examples are Kim Gary and Old Town White Coffee. Those that have eaten at Kim Gary will say the food is not that good, then why is it on Saturdays and Sundays there will be long queue to go in the shop? One of my friends swore he will not go in a shop where he has to queue, but more are willing to do so. So it does not matter who don't like you or your ideas, but who likes it is the one that's gonna support it. That's why they are doing so well..


Alexis Lee said...

haha.. omg.. jingyin and I at QB yesterday oso... we still talking bout whether can see tiuk you at there bo... lol

SMS said...

OK, I was in my invisible and non hunting mode, so cannot see me ha ha

Anonymous said...

Did I actually "swear"? :-)
But yes, I don't like queuing for food, especially those just-so-so ones. It's just food... we all know what it will end up as. :-D