Thursday, July 2, 2009

Let's go bounty hunting

Bring out the shotguns and bomb, we are hunting giant fish for RM10000 each.. wooo

Umm, on second thought bring all the weapons that you can take. Its really huge, got some pics from the net..


Datuk Seri said...

Jom sir, use the force within your knives to make sure that it'll be a 1 hit KO for the fish and OK for us.$$$

Anonymous said... a few at fish shop, which cost u less than 1k each (1m~2m)? then the evil project begins!

Anonymous said...

What shotguns? What bombs? It says there "only fishing rods and approved fishing gadgets". =.=

If considered "approved", then a perfect and fun way to do it would be to scuba dive with a speargun. Woo-hoo!