Monday, July 6, 2009

Saving the world and exploitation...

It seems that now that on Monday, you cannot get plastic bag when you purchase stuff at Jusco. I have no problem with rule, but at least put some notice so I will not go in to buy some stuff only to find out I will have trouble carrying it =.=. Imagine trying to carry around two chilled bottle of mineral water, a bottle of coke and a can of milo in your hand while walking at Queensbay...That's the last time I will buy stuff from Jusco on Monday...

It seems that this idea was approved by the state government. Not to sound sarcastic but maybe they should try to save the people first before they try to save the planet..wahaha. Just ask the villagers of the Kampung Buah Pala to comment on this >.<. The CM tai chi to the PM, the PM tai chi back ha ha..

The sad thing is we have a lot of good ideas, but the implementations are very poor and not thought off carefully. Its just like saying "Well, it sounded like a good idea at the moment". And I am bloody annoyed at this WWF people who always ask for donations to save the animals. Surely you can think of a better idea of collecting money from people rather than bug people who have just paid for their credit card bills ha ha. I don't know who is the idiot that recomment they wait at banks, there used to be a lot of them at the old HSBC bank at Sunshine..

Today there was a super tall guy at Queensbay, maybe he is the tallest man in the world or something like that, anyway I saw a lot of people lining up and taking pictures with him. I don't know how to describe it, but I feel this is one kind of exploitation too..I might be wrong, but that's how I feel.. ha ha

I still have a stiff neck from sleeping late last week. Tonight I want to sleep early.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, I knew about the "no plastic bags on Monday" thingy since, like, more than a month ago. :-p Read the news, dude. :-D

I was talking to Annie (remember Annie?) over lunch the other day about this plastic bag issue. She pointed out that she's always been using those plastic bags as rubbish bags (which is something that I do also); if shopping centers stop giving out plastic bags, that means she would have to start buying rubbish bags (which are plastic bags also), and in the overall picture, she (and I and many other people I'm sure) would not really be contributing much to the reduction of plastic bags in the dump site.

This "no plastic bag" measure will perhaps alleviate the problem a tiny little bit, but the real solution is in inculcating the recycling habit. Excess plastic bags that we do not use as rubbish bags can be recycled, I'm sure. Then we should also reduce the amount of rubbish we bury at the dump site (thereby reducing the amount of rubber rubbish bags used) by recycling organic wastes (which is something not as widely promoted in Malaysia as recycling papers, plastics, and metals). Why put perfectly biodegradable organic wastes in non-biodegradable plastic bags and then bury them in the ground? According to an article I read, this would compromise the degradation process of the organic wastes, resulting in toxic by-products that are no less an environmental nightmare compared to burning plastics or burying them in the ground.

Anyway, as I've always said, "no measure of environmental preservation is going to save this planet, because it is going to keep spiraling down toward destruction one way or another, one millennium less or more". :-D

Say, how about we start a company recycling organic wastes? ;-p