Saturday, July 11, 2009

Raining all day and other stuff..

I woke up this morning and it was raining. It stopped for a while and then it rained again. I guess it's crying for Ahmed who left Penang today. Anyway, I wish him a safe trip home..

Bad things always happens when it rained heavily in Penang, this is the aftermath of the rain last Wednesday night..

I managed to go to Queensbay during the lull, it seems the Malaysian sales was back again and there were a lot of people buying stuff at discounted prices. You can see the long queue to pay..but I don't like to buy things at this moment, because there were too many people. Just imagine the scene in "Confessions of a shopaholic" where people are fighting for stuffs on sale..

So off to the arcade I went, I stopped playing Time Crisis 4 because its not challenging anymore and I always beat the game. I tried to increase the difficulty by shooting with my left hand but its not fun anymore. So I went back playing house of the dead 3 with the shotgun. Your hand can be quite painful after playing a few rounds of the game.. ha ha

And I knew I was in trouble when I stepped into Raoul. There was this shirt that I really like but its RM400, so I never did buy it. But now they have 40% discount, and plus 15% for Citibank credit card holder, so its freaking 55% off. Was tempted to buy it but consider first. This remind me of what Amy would say "You will get it in the end", so its just a matter of time. =.=

Went back and it was raining again...

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