Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Common Sense versus Nonsense

A lot of people have the ability to think but they have no common sense. They cannot analyze the situations and react to the situation accordingly. To me common sense is more important than rules and regulations as these are also created by human with flaws and weaknesses.

I still remember one question in a moral exam, if you see people stranded with a vehicle that has broken down, you should stop and help. If you have been reading the news, that's one way of robbers stopping their victims. My rule, if my vehicle break down at night, I will not expect people to help and I will not help other people whose vehicle broke down at night.

Yesterday I was eating in a shop when some inconsiderate parents just let their kids run around and scream at the top of their voices. Secretly I was wishing the kid would fall down and hit his head on the table, that way the parents would learn to take care of their children better. It happened before at McD, I was cursing one kid and really fell down and banged his head ha ha. Anyway a lot of parents know how to make babies but dont know how to take care of them. sigh

And this morning while I was gonna start my class, which was only 1 measly hour, one person came to do a survey which took 15 minutes and then I found the projector cable was faulty so I was extremely pissed off. It's really a waste of time...And I am in a foul mood ever since..

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