Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Judgment Day 22-07-09

Today is the final project presentation for the engineering students. I woke up early in the morning knowing damn well some of them slept super late last night.

Got prepared to go to the office for the presentation. Had my breakfast and went straight to the Multi purpose Hall. Some of the students were already there. The presentation in like the whole day because they have to present to examiners, judges, students and some of the parents that came. I personally saw 1 group present like 5 - 6 times.

As there are 24 of you all, its impossible for me to upload all your pictures. Here are some pictures of the event.

Super Big Piano with sensor connected to a MIDI synthesizer

It was working last night, why is it not working now zzzzz (before presentation)


Meanwhile some of them are already presenting

Electronic Top - balancing the spinning top

Automatic Pet Feeder - Water on the left and food on the right

Actually can be espresso machine too I think ha ha

Reflex Tester where you have to push a button based on the led that lights up.

There is a certificate for the best project.

Which was won by this group. What did they do? They develop a software that can detect smoke in video images using Matlab and its image processing capabilities. Its like a smoke detector but they analyze the video image instead of detecting smoke. I wish the IT student are up to this standard, but most of them will come running to the lecturer even if its just a missing ; after the code. Come, I challenge people to be as capable as these people.

Maze Solving Robot using the left turn algorithm

A lot of people came to see the presentation

My ex students who are now studying in UK dropped by for a visit..

Generating power using water flow..

Forget to ask the titles for these 2 projects, sorry =.=

Finally the big piano presentation, it works ok..

I purposely took the picture like this for the emo look ha ha

Dr William Wong was also present..

And so did Dr Micheal Yap

Best Project Award

I am taller than you ok =.=

Don't worry, everyone can see where my hands are.. ha ha

To all the Engineering Students, GOOD JOB everyone..


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