Thursday, July 16, 2009

Top 10 signs

The engineering students are gonna have their final project presentation next week and the IT students 2 weeks after that. Hope you all try your best..but here are top 10 signs you are screwed for your final year project..

10. You finally went and see your supervisor before the final presentation and he asked "Are you under my supervision?"

9. The lecturer whose class you have skipped for 2 months due to project work shows up during your final project presentation.

8. Where is all this smoke coming from, someone asked when you connect your circuits to the power supply.

7. The component that you ordered will arrive in 4 weeks time, your presentation is next week.

6. Umm, the live wire in your design is directly touching the ground wire. No wonder there are so many blackouts at college recently..

5. Every lecturer in college is trying to find you (related to number 9)

4. The lecturer is saying, don't worry, you still can take it next semester..

3. Two of the most feared of engineering lecturers become your examiners.

2. Another lecturer from IT come and join the fun..

1. Your project is 5% completed, but hey, your kung fu pet is level 71

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