Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Die You Zombie Bastards!

People ask me, why do you like to watch all these bad movies? Well, some people like S&M, other like those leather straps, I like to watch bad movies, to save you all from it..ha ha. That's why these reviews in my blog..

Another movie mortal men should avoid like the plague, unless you are wearing a "Protection From Idiocy + 2" ring like me..

On Hell's Island, 3 scientists are doing research looking for a lizard like creature. I don't think scientists look this pretty in real life..ha ha.

Doing "research" at the beach..ha ha

Being watched by a nefarious character, Baron Nefarious..ha ha

This is the lizard like creature the scientists were looking for..no comment =.=

The main characters, Red and his wife Violet, he is a cannibal serial killer. Just back from his work..ha ha.

Back on Hell's Island, the Baron has captured out scientists..

Nice pink colored chain, can I buy them at Tesco???

And he revealed his plan to change everyone on the planet to zombies...

And to change the scientists into ...

I must confess I don't really know what the heck is yummy bums. Yummy buns on the other hand ...

Watch for the most expensive effect in the movie, the zombie making device..

Yummy Bums..
I am not gonna bother to censor this, cause its obvious they were wearing latex suits. My theory on this, the producers have paid the girls to do the topless scene at the beach, and realized they cannot afford to pay for full frontal nudity, so they replaced it with latex suits ^^

Then the Baron was looking for a wife, only to see Violet in an advertisement on TV. Do you see where this is going?

Red and Violet at a picnic. Red was getting head..ahem, not that kind of head ok =.=

While Red was getting the drink, the Baron appeared and kidnapped Violet..

So Red donned his superhero suit made out of human skin and goes off to safe Violet..

I don't remember this in Greek Mythology..

Good Lord, they are making another movie.

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