Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Keeper

Just finished looking after an exam from 4-7 pm. I was hungry so stop by BJ for dinner. After dinner I was walking by the DVD shops when OMG, I saw another Steven Seagal movie. Immediately I bought it. Actually I need to fill in my job appraisal form that night, but can fill in the form while watching the movie, I might need to use the moves later anyway..

Steven Seagal is a cop, who just busted a million dollar drug lab. All the bad guys were killed in the drug raid.

His partner is getting greedy with all the money lying around, and shoots him..

OMG, first time Seagal got shot....

Of course he got his revenge when the guy came to the hospital to finish him off. Poser: Where the heck did he get the gun from, he was in a coma and just went through an operation to remove the bullets??

After that Seagal retired from the police department. Just to show off his credentials, why not just write GOD there, it would make things easier..

NOT one person that you want mess with...

So now he just stay at home and play with his guns and knives...

Until an old friend's daughter was almost kidnapped. The friend is now a rich businessman.

So how he is the bodyguard. They were ambushed and Seagal managed to kill almost all the kidnappers except one who managed to kidnap the girl

Thanks to the police. Nice job mr policeman...

.The ransom exchange..

Seagal is a sniper too

Exploding things behind me make me look cool

Hostage saved..

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