Monday, October 26, 2009

Shopping Day

Twice I met someone, and twice the person bought some new clothes. So I cannot stand it anymore and decided it was my turn to buy some clothes. Actually I wanted to buy a shirt at Topman Gurney yesterday, but no salesman was in sight, so I decided to buy from another shop.

The funny thing about this "middle class" brands like Topman and Seed is, they don't know how to choose sales representative, the people are more busy gossiping then attending to customers. I get better reaction when I go to Guess or Raoul....

So off to Raoul I go. FYI, one of the salesman there is a student at my college. So I guess he told everyone about me =.=

I learned this from someone ^^. Test and take pics first before choosing one..ha ha

This shirt is cool, but it does make you look like a triad boss too. More suitable for Chinese New Year. ha ha

Cool multicolor striped lines..

Blue? hmmm

In the end choose the second one. It looks nicer in real life than in the pictures.

If you want to buy Dockers pants, buy the original material and not those linen based material. I bought one of those and it tore after one month =.=

So this time, learned my lesson and bought the cotton pants and not some fancy materials...

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