Sunday, October 18, 2009

BBoy Dance Competition at Queensbay

For the uninitiated, the BBoy stand for BreakdanceBoy OK, ahem. They have this competition monthly and if you feel you are qualified, you can enter it. To me, its like watching street fighting without all the blood an squishy stuff on the floor afterward.

The competitors, 14 of them.

Danzity ad again =.=

The judge showing his skill

The competition is one on one, with three rounds and the judge will determine the winner. Just like MMA ha ha. So if you meet a good opponent than thats bad luck for you.

Good sportsmanship

Don't try this at home warning time...

This guy looked like he was KOed..

Almost spin outside the ring..right in front of me =.=

The winner, but he had to fight 5 rounds before being declared the winner

Final round..fight ^^

Second runner up.

The next competition is next month.

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