Saturday, October 17, 2009

Something's not worth saying unless you can do something about it.

As humans a lot of us never think carefully about what we want to say, in the end, we might hurt other people's feeling or even worst. One of the behaviors that I hate the worst is people nagging.

I don't know why people like to nag, since they themselves cannot change the situation, then they expect you to change it for them? For example

Parents will nag "Why don't you find a job faster?". If you think carefully, can they get a job for you even if you want to start working now? I bet you, most of them will not be able to do it. Unless your parent is a manager or have his own company.

"When are you gonna get married?", If anyone dares make fun of that statement, I shoot back "When are you gonna have kids?". Are all of these for the good of us, I don't think so...

So please stop saying things that has no benefits other than piss off others, unless you can really do something about it.

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