Monday, January 14, 2013

Another Knife

I just bought another knife, Kershaw Half Ton, in US its USD20 but here its RM110. Sigh

My assessment, the blade is good, but opening is kinda stiff cause of the location of the thumb studs. I bought this cause two of my knives are in the shop, while my Kershaw Volt II has this mysterious ratting sound which I did not have time to check yet.

To me a good knife is one that you can carry everyday and use and it will not give you any problems like loose screws, rattling sounds and so forth. So in my book, my Swiss Army Knife is still the best.

While on holiday, last December, I went to my old knife shop, and saw this balisong at a discounted price, RM16, I know the quality is not that good but for RM16, what the heck.

Till next time.

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