Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fury - Mangkorn sau

Fury is a Thai film that will be shown soon, but I got a sneak preview via the DVD towkays =.=. It rocks.

Fury is about an autistic girl. For those that do not know, they consider autistic as retard, but a lot of geniuses in the world are autistic. And her house is just next to a muay thai school (kickboxing) so guess what she is good at.

Since it did not show yet, I will not reveal the story. Its worth going to the cinema, only I am afraid that the sensors will chop it up =.=

The hilarious fight scene at a pig market. Never throw a knife if there is a fence behind to deflect it back.

Knife stuck in pig snout (the Malaysian sensors are going to have a fit here =.=)

The excellent fighting scenes.

In the tradition of Jackie Chan, showing the injuries during the filming.


Anonymous said...

I think a lot of filmmakers use the word "autistic" without really understanding it. While the public tend to view autistic people as retarded, the inhabitants of filmdom tend to over-focus on autistic savant. Take "Rain Man" for example. But autistic savants are very rare cases. Most people do not understand the agony suffered by the parents of autistic children (I know one such family). I imagine that it might be worse than having a Down Syndrome kid. For one thing, their inability to "reach out" or "be reached" will frustrate most normal people. Imagine trying to program a computer with input devices (such as keyboard, mouse, scanner, etc.) that only work very, very occasionally (and randomly) - if they work at all - and output devices (for example, a monitor) that simply display random patterns. It is THAT frustrating.

Anonymous said...

i have the movie on dvd,english tittle chocolate.the autistic heroine watches karated and kung fu movies on tv via videos.besides learning tai boxing she watches bruce lee,jacky chan,sonny chiba,tony lau and more.the movie contains well inside jokes and obvious setups.the choregraphy is tai boxing in general,national pride,theres jeet kune do approach to each fight house bruce lee,you did not see the bg boss but heard bruce lee's cat like noise as She watches the video.jacky chan warehouse,jet lee meat plant dojo sonny chiba and finale,the protector tony jau.( best guess on spelling ).