Friday, August 22, 2008

Ninja Vixens - Demonic Sacrifice

Bought a DVD today, Ninja Vixens. And you know, it copied the story of Makai Tensho. A religios man became a demon to seek revenge.

The Ninja Vixen, Firefly

Slaughter of innocent children

The curse

Becoming a demon

Hattori Hanzo's first encounter with the demon

Hattori Hanzo saving the Ninja Vixen from the demon

Hattori Hanzo's final confrontation with the demon.

At this junction you might be wandering, who is Hattori Hanzo, and why is he fighting the demon instead of the Ninja Vixen? The answer is, he is the freaking hero of the story, where he killed 2 out of the 3 demons whereas the ninja vixen did not even manage to kill anything except .. They should have named the movie Hattori Hanzo instead. For your information, in Japanese movies, Hattori Hanzo is a famous assassin.

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Dumbo said...

Well, sometimes, it is not the main character that is the hero.

If you read the original LOTR novels, even Samwise Gamgee is more heroic than Frodo, not to mention the likes of Aragorn or Gandalf. But, what Tolkien wanted to portray was precisely the quest of an average joe. It gives an ordinary, not-particularly-holy Christian like me the reminder and comfort that in the end, it is God's grace and perfect will - not my abilities - that will right all the wrongs.