Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wind and Cloud returns

In 2009, one movie that I am excited about is The Storm Warriors, the continuation of The Storm Riders.

This time, Wind and Cloud battles Lord Godless (don't ask me, its how they translate =.=) from Japan, who has taken the Emperor of China hostage.

For those that read the comic, I am sure you know the story line. If you are confused, Cloud is the one that wields the black "Special Sword" and Wind uses the "Blizzard Sword". But from the poster, it seems Cloud's sword has changed color. In the comic, Nameless did sharpen the special sword before the battle but I don't remember it changing color after that. What did Nameless use to sharpen it, the warmest thing in the world, Cloud's tear =.=

And Wind took the evil to enhance his kung fu before the battle. He learn it from Lord Wicked. Actually both Wind and Cloud went but only Wind is accepted because he is gentler. The training will turn people into evil =.=

Hope they don't change the story line too much.


Anonymous said...

And who dictates that all comic heroes must wield awkwardly LARGE weapons? =.=

The author must be rather self-conscious about his you-know-what. :-p

Ender Halcyon said...

his sword you mean?