Monday, August 25, 2008

The 36th chambers of shaolin

This is a classic kung fu movie starring Gordon Liu. He might not be as famous as Jackie Chan or Sammo Hung, but his kung fu is good. Quentin Tarantino hired Gordon Liu to star in Kill Bill Vol 1 and 2, more famous as the Bride's master Pai Mei in vol 2.

Since my movie does not have the subtitles, I try my best to translate in. Please correct me if I am wrong. San Ze's father is accused of helping the rebels and San Ze escaped to a shaolin temple and learned kung fu there.

The biggest fishwood in the world.

Iron Head Kung Fu

Final Confrontation

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Jwo-Haur said...

Ha! Fishwood! I like your imagination. :-p

But that thing looks metallic...

Boy, this is so going to get stuck in my head... "fishwood"... ha-ha...