Monday, August 18, 2008

Slave maker

You feeling like echii or hentai?? Than you should play a game called "Slave Maker"

In this game, you have to train a slave in certain skills that you prefer.

In the beginning, all the specs are almost the same. If you don't know what Nymphomania is, I recommend you stop reading and go watch Barney now.

You can ask them to do 3 activities per day. Certain activities will override each other, for example send them to Theology class and then work in Sleazy Bar. And don't ask me what is the XXX class.

You can set certain rules for your slave.

I send mine to help nuns =.=

Things you can do at night. Depends on obedience level. Before you jump, there is a "Nothing" choice. Go play with Bob the Builder now =.=

Halfway during the game, see the morality so high already :P

Final Stats + Bunny Suit :P


Anonymous said...

Iron-clad moral...? =.=|||

SMS said...

moral is something totally "Being made fun of" in the real world. Just ask any moral students. Or politicians =.=

A game is like a gun. Its amoral.

Anonymous said...

lol.... Its Shampoo from Ranma 1/2.... haha...