Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pictures from home

I went back to my hometown last weekend

Had some durians

Brought out my knife

This one isn't cooperating =.=

A bit "cacat" the opening

A perfect opening


Anonymous said...

The person who coined the phrase "a tough nut to crack" had never in his life tried opening an "uncooperative" durian. :-)

Dude, the other day I had this durian, it was incredible: extremely THIN shell, and it's got SEVEN compartments in it! (Pity I didn't take a picture.) My wife and I could hardly finish that one thorny chap. And it was VERY sweet (not that sweet durians are at the top of my list... I prefer them a little bitter... but this one's not bad at all in taste despite the extreme sweetness).

But I had a hard time "doing business" for the next two days. :-p

xynthian said...

Wow...nice cut. Would love to see how you open the durian if you have a video with that! >_<

SMS said...

I need to buy more durians and a cameraman for the video. Maybe coming soon :P