Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Today I followed 3 girls to the toilet O.O

What?? Don't get me wrong, its part of my job.


FYI, now during the exams, if the students want to go to the toilet, the lecturers have to accompany them. Just another brilliant idea if you have the resources but we don't have it ok .

So it ends up there was 2 male lecturers in the room, and guess who is the lucky one =.= to accompany the female students?

And someone was joking to me saying it does not count unless I follow them in =.=

My idea for engineering student final year project, build a collar with a camera so we don't have to follow, just monitor from a computer. The catch is for guys, they have to be careful and not look down while they are in the toilet. Not sure how it work for girls =.= but i don't think I mind ha ha. So maybe its not such a hot idea anyway.

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Anonymous said...

I have a simpler solution:

Prepare a mask-like contraption a la "Man in Iron Mask" (except it has no eye-holes).

Put it (with lock) on the student who wants to go to the toilet. The student will, necessarily, have to grope his/her way to the toilet, but you don't have to see to pee (else how do blind people do it?) so they should have no problem doing business thus blindfolded.

The point is, this way, the student cannot see the notes hidden in the toilet, if any.

And if anyone is a lousy "shooter", his/her own problem. Prepare extra pants and shoes for exam.

Wicked, right? ;-p