Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Queensbay again..

Today is my last day of leave for this week. I thought of going to town but it rained in the morning so just sleep. In the afternoon, I decided to go Queensbay to watch a movie.

On Monday I watched "2012" so today I decided to watched a movie that I recommended in my blog "Raging Pheonix", a Thai movie. The queue was still long and by 2.00 pm the tickets for "2012" was sold out again, except for the front rows that will give you stiff necks.

Met my students there, who were buying tickets for "2012"..

The movie was not bad, at least I learned a few new fighting moves, that's why I loved this kind of movies. The next movie I wanna watch is "Ninja Assassin". That should be nice too.

Christmas is coming soon and they were preparing the Christmas decoration today. Its not done yet but here is a sneak preview.

More pictures when the decoration is completed. Maybe on Saturday.

Why is it when we have some money, something is sure to break down? My Guess watch gear mechanism has gone a bit crazy. For those that don't know or never repair watch, sometimes the cost of repair is 1/3 of the price of the watch. One of my friend has a watch that cost 245 and the cost of repairing it is 100..ha ha. So I am still thinking of which watch to get to replace my Guess while I send it for repair. Usually repair will take from 1 month up to 3 months. I am eying a black Swatch but someone I know suggested I get a more "classy" watch like Cerrutti. That is bloody expensive..So still considering. Tudor is not bad also..hmmm

In the evening I walked by the seaside, a great place to be in 2012..ha ha

Kite Flying

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