Thursday, November 5, 2009

Jennifer's Body

If you intend to watch the movie, please stop reading cause it contains spoilers. And I was watching the uncensored version, bet you the cinema version will be censored..

I must admit that I am not really a horror movie fan, but I heard good things about this movie, and there's Megan Fox, so what the heck...

We started with Needy who is in a mental institution, the story is told in flashback style...

Needy and Jennifer are BFF. If you don't know what is BFF, go ask your kids..ha ha



One night while at a bar, they met a rock group, and Jennifer followed the group after an incident at the bar..

When Jennifer returns, she has changed, she has a tendency to make out with boys and then eat them, literally..with Neely getting more worried

Whoa, didn't I see you in "The Slit Mouthed Woman"?

This is as close as nudity that you will ever see...

The famous kissing scene, you will not see this in the cinema kids..:P

Finally Jennifer told Needy, the night she followed the rock group, she was sacrificed to the devil so the rock group can perform better. The rock group is some sort of devil worshiper. But after that, when the group left, she was alive again. So is it the Real Jennifer or has something evil taken over Jennifer's body???

The friendship of Jennifer and Needy was ruined when Jennifer killed Needy's boyfriend..

A final fight between Jennifer and Needy, which ends in Needy killing Jennifer with a box cutter, which is why she was at the mental institute in the beginning..

Because she was bitten by Jennifer, she gained some of the demon's power, which she use to escape..

She was last seen hitchhiking to the rock group's show, and tonight is their "last" show.

The credits rolls and all the members of the rock group are dead, killed by Needy..

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