Sunday, November 29, 2009

Some traditional food

I am finally back in Penang. I went back to my hometown to celebrate "Hari Raya Haji" last weekend.

The good thing about going back to my hometown is I get to see some traditional food that you cannot find in a big town like Penang,or it's gonna cost you a bundle.

The first dish is some "baby" fish. Umm, is that what you call them. The fish is some sort of fresh water fish called "Ikan Sepat". God knows the translation..ha ha

Here is how the live fish looks like..

The fish is captured with a device called the "bubu". My apologies, forget to take a picture of that. Maybe next time.

And my cats are crazy about them too.

And you can make salted fish with it. Just add salt and dry under the sun..

The second one is more common, "ikan keli bakar" with some "air asam"...

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