Monday, November 16, 2009

Random thoughts

I am on leave starting from last Friday, so I am resting and not much in a mood to write. I am still on leave until Thursday, so still have time to rest. Some random thoughts while I was on holiday.

1. Politicians defending criminals
It sickens me when politicians want to be popular by defending criminals or suspected criminals. Where are the rights of the victims? One of my friend was injured when a snatch thief grabbed her handbag and assaulted her. Where was the politician then? When some suspected criminals were shot dead, the politicians were the first to jump and claim police brutality. While I am not really a big fan of some the actions of our police, I believe they still have the right to defend themselves. What about the right of the criminals? I feel they lost the right if they started charging at others with swords and parangs. If the politician say the police should arrest them and charge them in court, lets see how calm he is facing a sword wielding criminal. Think about two things before you say something, 1, how many victim rights did you fight for. 2. if you are facing a weapon wielding criminals, would you so calmly talk about the law or protect yourself first? Answer carefully...

2. Levis Imprint (I think thats the name...)
Levis jeans has come out with a product where you can customize how your jeans looks like. You just have to wear the jeans for 40 days without washing..urgh. Then your movement will determine how your jeans look like. After 40 days you can wash the jeans. The jeans might stain your shirt or undergarment in the process. I think this product will totally fail.....

3. 2012
I don't know why this movie attracts a lot of people. The queue at the cinema was super long on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, the tickets were sold out at about 1.30 in the afternoon. So today I decided to go see it, at 11.30am there was a long queue due to their server down. Finally, managed to get a ticket at the 3.00 pm show, which was a full house. I managed to get the 4th row seat from the screen. 1 poser, if I were to save some people, why would I bring all the physic scientists? Since civilization have been destroyed, what use are they? Its better to bring farmers that can plant food or hunters that can hunt. Imagine the scientists hunting some wild boar????

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