Saturday, June 19, 2010

Enough of this melancholy

I am back, having release all my memories. Time not to be so serious.

I found a few cool toys, wonder whether I can get it here.

The killer curves of pistol-packing Amanda Werner from the popular Blassreiter anime series!

#024 Tsukasa Bullet's Compact Hog.
Compact Hog refer to the gun, an imaginary weapon designed by Tsukasa Jun himself.
The compensator of the piece reminds the artist of a hog;
hence the name Compact Hog. Imaginary gun specs:
Caliber: 45ACP; Capacity: 6 + 1; Barrel Length: 3-inches; Weight: 31 oz.

This is not a toy but a concept bike by Igarashi Design. Damn cool, I want one of these.

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