Friday, June 18, 2010

More memories that make me smile

I went through my whole hard disk and found more pictures. Hope it brings back memories for you all too.

Outside the old office at the old building. That time we were moving the things personally so come work wear like this.

Trying to frame myself..

"Tai-Kor" Alex after his final project presentation.

Their programming so keng until look like

One time, the Arab guy went blond.

Engineering students..Mike, Janice and Shanti..

Before presentation, they all copy my style..all wear black.

My replacement.

Left: Wei Yeong, Jasmine, Fang Fu.
Right: Elaine, Ricky

At a shop in Jelutong

Murder by chopsticks..

Fish at Korean BBQ Chicken. The place close down already.


Alexis Lee said...

OMG... stalker lar weihhh... LOL

SMS said...

You also stalker la. Have not play with stalker check long time already. Wonder if you still number one..ha ha