Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Sunday shopping

I woke up with a bad headache this morning. It seems my headache is getting worse, maybe cause I think too much. I got ready to go to town to pay my bills. Then found out my CK Free is really "free". Oh no, time to get new perfume I guess. I hate this, it's gonna take a long time to decide. Before that I have to go Citibank in town, and then go Batu Maung at the other end of the island. Then only go Queensbay to buy some perfume. Time to take out my bike I guess.

Went to town and to Citibank, then take the Jelutong expressway direct to Batu Maung. 11.45 am, the shop not opened yet. WTF, she must have overslept, don't tell me she watched world cup too. So decided to eat lunch first somewhere there.

12.oo pm, finally she arrived. Did a simple wash and cut and straight to Queensbay to buy some perfume.

Of course going to Queensbay without playing House of the Dead 4 is no fun. Was playing when this annoying kid joined me. WTF, if you cannot shoot, don't disturb my shots, and he killed the zombies too fast withoug giving me the chance to activate the secret room...grrr. Secretly, I did not help when the zombies jumped at him and he died fighting the stupid spiders, The Lovers.

First I went to Jusco to look for perfumes, but they don't have CK brand. Hmmm.

Then I went to SaSa. The salesgirl keep spraying multiple perfumes on the piece of papers until I was holding about 10 pieces of paper, and she did not even label the perfume's name. Hmm, she needs more practice to be a salesgirl.....

Then go down to Glow. Finally a salesgirl that talks my language, she know that Burberry Beat smells like Clinique Happy. And Mount Blanc also makes pens. And Anna Sui has these cute perfume bottle. And Harajiku is in Japan....My kind of salesgirl ha ha. Wonder can I apply part time job there? XD. Here is an advise to all aspiring salesman/salesgirl, make sure you know your product before you want to sell to others.

So finally bought a bottle of CK Intense Euphoria....

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