Thursday, June 24, 2010

Robo Geisha Part 1

I have heard of this movie in 2009 and waited patiently for it. After 1 year, I almost gave up hope when I saw it at the DVD shop yesterday. I was so excited and bought it directly. Unfortunately, the translation sucks (and very funny, which I will comment in another blog), so I have to use my "heart" to translate and understand with my limited Japanese word. I only know the word "yamate" :P

Ok, so here goes my review of Robo Geisha..

A politician is being entertained by a geisha when his assistant told him of a threat on his life. Of course the politician said, we have a lot of guards around us so there is nothing to worry about.

The politician continues to have fun with the geisha. I am alternating with strips of image and single image. Do tell me which one you all prefer.

Suddenly the geisha splits into half and out comes two assassins.

I saw this kind mask first in "Hana to hebi"

Then the geisha joined back and became a third person...WTF

The assassins did some posing and made short work of the bodyguards.

Another WTF moment, shiruken shooting ass.

The politician was about to eat a saw, when he was saved by Robo geisha. Theoretically speaking, all of them are robot and geisha, but since she is the main character, I will refer to her as the main title.

Origins of the Robo Geisha

In the beginning, she was just a normal girl compared to her sister who is a geisha.


She is a bit clumsy and her sister hated her for always messing up her geisha act.

Funny incident involving a sushi roll, caused by her.

Cause of this, she is always beaten up, and a member of a secret organization noticed how tough she is.

Another WTF moment, tengu milk =.=

I am going for my lunch now, so I will continue the review in Part 2 when I come back later.


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