Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What is a JOB??

Some sarcastic people, plus some multi-level marketing people would say it stands for Just Over Broke.

Some boot-licker and apple polishers would say its Just Obey Boss.

So for you people out there, especially my students that just graduated or looking for a job or just starting to work, there is no perfect job. Its just you have to find a job that you can live with and look yourself daily in the mirror.

Some work don't pay so well, like lecturers, you can get like around 4K to 8K unless you are into the managerial tasks, but that's a different story. Most of the people that enter this field either
1. Have a hard time finding another job (and will resign as soon as they find another job).
2. Really have the passion to teach (although sometimes/lots of time, this belief is sorely tested).

Some work really pay well but you work like shit and may get some side effects (high blood pressure, hypertension, heart problem). So the people in these fields work for short while while saving as much money as possible so they can retire.

So in the end, its your call...

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