Thursday, July 1, 2010

Foul mood

Today I am in a very bad mood. I don't get it when people talk about standards and ISO, but they still make amateur mistakes. Supposedly the college "should" know all the lecturers timetable right? But they still assign me to invigilate exam when my current class is still going on. Yes, I know that this semester contains the long semester and the short semester, but they should know right. And they assign task in August WITHOUT looking at the new timetable. I can' t wait for the "fun" when the new timetable clashes with the exam timetable.

Actually in these past few years, I have been offered jobs, but most of them are still teaching. Only last week I was called for an interview by another college. But maybe I am to sick of this shit that if my next job is still teaching, I will take my knives and cut off my own head.

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