Thursday, July 15, 2010


I must admit that I have a very short temper, but I usually keep it under control. And if you see me angry, that is not the full force of my anger, cause I try very hard to control it. Which is why I get ultra tired after I got angry.

So today I got angry for someone's stupidity again. Last week I was given an exam timetable that clashed with my class, so when I told the person, she was like, can you come out of the class earlier? WTF, my class had been postponed before so the students can attend a live conference, so that they are holistic students. After waiting an hour, holy shit, cannot connect to the conference, and they did not apologize to the students for it.

What I cannot tolerate is lackluster attitude when there is a problem. You should address it immediately, even if you cannot solve it, it shows initiative. Don't wait until over an hour or until I raise hell only you want to come up with EXCUSES on why you did not address it at the first place.

Back to the exam story, the person that was supposed to replace me totally forget about it until I reminded them. Where is your responsibility.

I might just say enough is enough and just walk away in disgust.

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