Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bon Odori makes me wet

Ahem, the title does not have anything to do with this picture, although I do like to see girls wearing yukata. Tonight, 17-7-2010 was bon-odori, held yearly at Padang Kota.

It was showing signs of rain in the evening, I could drive my car there but parking will be a problem, so took a risk and rode my bike there. Thankfully it was just a drizzle.

People with umbrellas.

Dark skies.

But I roughed it out in the rain so you all can read this story :P. Some students from 3 schools, Kubang Pasu, Syed Putra and I forget the third one, every year they do a dance at bon odori. I used to study at Syed Putra but that time, there is no Japanese society yet >.<

Bon Odori 2010

The show

It's getting dark

Backstage, before the group from Okinawa came out.

The group from Okinawa.

The students from the 3 schools.

This Japanese uncle is quite the singer.

Much to the delight of the Japanese

More show

Amy, Amy, I like this style. Can you try this style and take pictures ha ha. Gives "Puss in Boots Big Eyes stare"

Nice, nice hair color ^^

Cosplayers >.< at bon odori. Amy come back faster, we teach these posers a lesson..ha ha

Overall a fun night. Next year will be better if Amy comes back from Japan. I'm off now, gonna fall sick from the rain already.

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