Thursday, July 8, 2010

Random thoughts for the day

I think today everyone wants to eat Paul the Octopus for predicting German loss to Spain and it really happened. I wonder does the sale of octopus peaked today at Sushi King and Sakae Sushi. And can Paul predict who will win the finals of the world cup???

Sometimes when we have too many customers, we have to expand our workforce. I know cause it has happened to 2 of my favorite eating place. One is a roadside stall in front of 7-11 Sungai Dua, they serve great food, and there were many customers, especially from USM. But due to too many customers, their food preparation was getting slower and slower. Once I timed that it took 45 minutes for them to cook tom yam for me. In the end I stopped going there. The second one is in Bukit Jambul, just now almost 30 minutes. So I wonder should I still go there? And its not just stall ok, it can happen to college too, if they do not take proper care of their people.

Should I get this balisong? It looks good, but its in KL.

Here is a picture of Undertaker and Michelle McCool's wedding.

For those with facebook accounts, please have some respect for yourself. We have too many home made porn getting into the wrong hand and being sold as dvds. Don't take pictures of yourself in provocative matter and post it in facebook. It might haunt you back. I saw this by accident when someone posted the link =.= and I did censor the picture ok :P

For Wonder Woman fans, she has a new costume, I am praying the correct person will get the role in the new movie.

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