Saturday, July 10, 2010

Man on a mission

Today I was at Queensbay the whole day looking for something, so I have no time to leisure around and record the surroundings. I walked until from 11am until around 8pm and did not really sit down. The long walk is supported by my Onitsuka Tiger. Gonna get a new one for Raya soon, so hopefully they have the yellow one by then.

Now can't really feel my legs anymore >.<

Anyway next week, 17th July is Bon Odori, and if you plan to go there in style, you can come to Queensbay tomorrow and get a yukata for yourself. They are having a yukata sale now, the price starts from RM129..

What is it I am looking for? Now its in a Mystery Box. Only the receiver will find out what it is. Ha ha

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