Monday, July 26, 2010


Warning, this is just for movie monsters like me. If you are easily offended, please stop reading immediately.

There are a few notorious movies in this world, some of them banned in many countries, like Cannibal Holocaust, Cannibal Ferox, I spit on your grave and Salo. Of all these movies, I have watched Cannibal Holocaust, Cannibal Ferox and I spit on your grave. I have heard a lot about Salo, but was not able to find the movie....until now

One of the most "famous" director in this world, cause of the movie.

Salo, also known as 120 Days of Sodom is based on the book by Marquis De Sade, the guy whose name the term sadism comes from. The book describes how 4 influental people kidnap some boys and girls, held orgies and finally kills them all. Nasty stuff, and De Sade explains, this book is best read with one hand, if you get my drift. So I can say, I have looked at the darkness in men's heart.

4 influential men during Nazi occupied Italy

Their book of manias

With the help of the military, there captured multiple girls and boys, then choosing the best via voting.

Two of the bad guys, the guy behind does give me the creeps by his

Choosing the boys

Choosing the girls

At this stage, I would like to remind you if you just want to watch the movie because of all the nakedness (boys and girls), you are better off getting some porn. This movie is sure to give you a headache. The last time a movie made me feel this way is after I watched Baise-Moi.

The storytellers who will tell orgy stories of masturbation, sodomy and shit eating. I shit you not =.=

The rules.

Like a dog

Circle of shit, avoid this chapter if you are squeamish.

Circle of Blood

Pier Paolo Pasolini was murdered after this movie was released, with some believing his murder was related to this movie.

Actually the violence and blood was at a minimal, Cannibal Holocaust was worse. I believe this movie was banned not because of the action, but what it represents behind it.

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