Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday @ Gurney

My off day, since I was at Queensbay yesterday, so decided to go to Gurney today. Saw a few interesting things, some triggered memories and some are just for fun.

1. Kose promotion.
Every time I see a Kose promotion, it reminds me of Amy. Some more they were doing a Japanese themed "shop" at Gurney. Not bad actually.

2. Mr. Penang 2010.

Someone once complained to me, why do you always take girls picture to put in your blog? Well, today is your lucky day, you will see well oiled, half naked men in my blog, if you consider that lucky...ha ha.

It was supposed to start at 10 but I waited until I was bored, so decided to have my breakfast first.

I don't know what is the stuff that they were rubbing, but it makes the body oily and shiny. I only rub those things on girls ok :P

Look at the size of that

Whoa, even the girl is muscular, she reminds me of Chyna.


These uncles will put you to shame with their muscles.

Some people like this, but I heard some girls whispering "So geli the body", so they find it disgusting. So you decide.

Actually today, there were a lot of people there, so I had some problem finding a good shot.

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