Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Images from Japan..

A few weeks ago, Amy went shopping around Harajiku, if I am not mistaken, and took some interesting pictures. Last night we were doing file transfer via Messenger, and the line was bloody slow, and at 12 something, I got disconnected and did not manage to get any pictures at all.

Finally today I managed to get the pictures via Facebook...yay

Amy always carries her katana around when she goes shopping.

Eating her favorite ramen, damn, the bowl is much bigger than Sushi King or Sakae sushi here. I want...

Some toys that I might like

Nice, I like.

Mikuru as bunny girl, nice. Pity there is no Orihime ^^

Final note, actually that's not a real katana, its an umbrella shaped as a katana...but suddenly i got mood to get a tanto blade.

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