Friday, July 2, 2010

AK 47 Knife

My mood is still not so good, but at least something makes me smile today, my new knife has arrived.

Its an AK 47 knife.

It comes with a pouch.

And it has a basic look and nothing fancy, just like the real AK47, but its damn functional.

But there is a secret, this knife can be opened normally, which cannot be done by an automatic knife, but it still can be opened via the push of something, which normal people will not notice. I found the blade a bit tight when it was closing and figured out its secret.

If you push hard enough, the blade will flick open due to the inertia in the blade. But I would not call this an automatic knife, which cannot be opened manually without the push of a button, but this knife can.

Here is a demo.

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