Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday again.

Today is Sunday, my off day. I woke up early and headed to Gurney. It seems now they have Dragon-i there too. I was just looking around for some Converse shoes because someone wanted to try a new dressing style.

In the afternoon, I was bored and decided to head to Queensbay. Today is bike day cause I did not drive a car. Went playing some arcade game and look at clothes.

I decided not to buy new clothes until I am called for an interview, but the funny thing is a company called me even though I did not apply. So considering, should I go??

TM is having a promotion, and invited two Malay groups to perform at Queensbay, I am not really into Malay songs, but since I have some free time, why not? Have not heard any Malay songs since 1991 =.=

The first group is One Nation Emcee.

Image not so clear cause I was a bit to the back. Damn, I need a bigger camera.

After that we have a Micheal Jackson impersonator.

Umm, whatcha looking at??

Yup, I was looking at that too :P

I decided that place was not the best place to take picture so I move closer to the speaker. One of these days I am gonna be deaf cause take too many pictures.

Next we have the Fabulous Cats.

Not a bad day at all.

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