Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Story behind my knives

This is my favorite of all my knives, Swiss Army Knife model Climber. Here are 2 of my model Climber, I broke the spring of the scissors of the first one while pulling out a glass shard out of my tire. I replaced the spring but it does not fit perfectly, so I got another one. I hope the owner of another Climber model still takes good care of it.

Swiss Army Knife model Spartan. The only Swiss Army knife that is bought directly from the source (Swiss). Given to me by Mei Ching. I will not use this knife, just keep in safe place. ha ha

Balisong AKA Butterfly knife. Once I helped someone, and he wanted to give me an automatic knife as a gift, but I told him automatic knife are for sissies. So in the end I got a balisong. I even taught him how to open a knife with one hand so he does not have to rely on an automatic knife.

A boot knife, Aitor brand, which is made in Spain. I bought this around the year 2002. It has been sharpen extensively and use for daily cutting.

The only local made knife that I had. Bought this at a "pasar malam". Been sharpening it ever since but never cut anything with it yet.

Been watching too many Steven Seagal movie where he weilds the black "black ops" knife so I decided to get one too..

A mini knife, sort of a backup for a backup.

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