Thursday, June 17, 2010

Memories that makes me smile...

I was cleaning up my hard disk and found lots of pictures. I can tell the story behind each pictures but I let you see and remember for yourself...

Me, Shu Yiing and Mei Ching

The Ship, Elaine's farewell...Debby on my left

At Borders, gathering Dec 2008.

Amy's farewell, part 1, The Ship 31-3-2009

Amy's farewell part 2, 1st April 2009. TGI Fridays, "Confessions of a shopaholic" plus a scarf..

Justin's last day at Inti..

Nando's QB with my May 2008 Engineering students. Shea Shuang and Janice

Final Project presentation, Engineering May 2008. Eye of the babyspider (if memory serves me right)

Final Project presentation, Engineering Jan 2009. Lihong and Janice..

Selvia and Asma

SAP Talk..

The next few pictures shows the virus gang and some of their friends....

Soo Chin, King Kooi, Kogulan, Eugence..behind Maple and umm, is that Felicia or Fish??

King Kooi and Ahmed

Prasada and Felicia

Ivan, King Kooi, Prasada, Felicia, Maple

Ivan and Soo Chin


So everyone, thanks for the memories. Even if you are not in these pictures, I still remember you all.

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