Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Down memory lane..

BJ Complex used to be a happening place before QB was completed. I used to meet a lot of my students there. They used to have Ayamas, Dave's Deli, Kenny Rogers, Sushi King, an ice skating ring, Arthur Bookstore and many more. This was circa 2004-2005. Even my hair stylist has a shop there.

Now, people go there only for "illegal activities", aka buying pirated DVD.

So today I decided to walk down memory lane and went to BJ complex. Had my dinner at Marrybrown. A tip for people eating there, make sure you seat at a table that has some covers, cause I have seen people throw stuff from the top floor. So you have been warned.. ha ha

In the old days, this place used to be Dave's Deli. One level up, there used to be a gold shop. Once robbers with M16 robbed the gold shop and send customers downstairs running. This was in 1998.

And downstairs, there used to be Cosmart, where people can go and buy groceries there. Now they seal down the underground level. And it tempted me to go down cause it reminded me of the movie Rec.

The curry mee is actually not that bad, its better than the Chicken Rice shop's.

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