Friday, June 25, 2010

Robo Geisha Part 2

It seems my lunch took longer than expected. I went to Queensbay and played some arcade games until evening, had my dinner, do some laundry and now I am free to continue.

Where was I, if you did not read Part 1 of the review, read that first.

The girl caught the attention of the member of the secret organization that created robot assassins and she and her sister was invited to their office.

It was revealed that they were building a huge bomb and training geisha as assassins.

The sisters were forced to join the group and fight each other.

Since she is a better fighter, she gets the better treatment, while her sister becomes like the food server, so their rivalry continues.

The rivalry becomes intense when her sister got a bust machine gun (you have to see it for yourself, its kinda complicated to explain).

Multi-barrel on the right, magazine on the left.

Bust machine gun in action...hmmm

So she decided to get arm-pit katanas, umm, did i use the correct term, here is the picture.

They relationship somewhat improved on one very tough assassination mission.

First impression is very important..

Of all the place, why do you have to stab there??

The sister took a blow meant for her.

In one of the mission, she has to kill a group of people who were looking for their family members that has been kidnapped and turned into assassins by the organization, but she did not kill them.

The next quest is to kill two criminals. From them, she learned that the organization planned to detonate a huge bomb over Japan. If you played Ninja Warz, there is fried shrimp that can be used as a weapon, I guess they got the idea from here.

One of the guys were wearing a huge bomb and there was a huge explosion.

The injured girl was saved by the group earlier.

They even reassembled her.

In the meanwhile the organization was reformatting her sister. You can see where this is heading right?

The group decided to confront the organization without bringing her along, which will most probable end up in a shoot-out.

She transformed into a vehicle and rushed to the organization building.

Another WTF moment, suddenly the building transformed into a giant robot.

She managed to get in. The fighting scene with the hip katana is very funny.

With the leader controlling the robot, she must fight to restore the memory of her sister.

Finally she managed to restore her sister's memory, and they combine to become Voltron, Defender of the Universe. Opps, wrong movie.

Form arm and torso

And literally punched the leader into outer space.

Not a bad movie, but I was expecting more blood like Tokyo Gore Police.

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