Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tokyo Gore Police

I waited half a year for this movie, I come to know about it from Machine Girl. Today I passed by the dvd shop and the aunt said there is a new movie for me. To my surprise its Tokyo Gore Police, yay..Oh boy, I was so excited.

In the near future, the police force in Japan has been privatized. Now they look like half ninja, half samurai with the ridiculous helmet and black suit. This is not the first time the police force has been privatized, remember Detroit in Robocop?

The criminals are also getting advanced. Some of them, when injured, will mutate and the injured part will turn into a weapon. Here is a psycho attached to a chainsaw.

Here is the funny part. They are called Engineer. Thank God I am in the IT field. Come to think of it, Politician would be an appropriate name ^^.

Ruka is our heroine. Her dad was a police too but he was killed when she was small. More on this later.

I thought she was gonna shoot the engineer with a bazooka but she used it to launch herself up the building to stop the engineer. Haven't she heard of stairs or lifts?

I definitely love a girl with a katana..When not fighting Engineers, she is busy executing perverts that grope girls in trains. Don't you always want to this. This is way cool...

One day she met a mysterious engineer, she managed to cut off half the top face but the engineer managed to get the better of her. Suprisingly the engineer did not kill her, instead he gave her a mysterious key and said "Remember everything". All engineers have special key in them so hmmm....

Everyone wants to be Neo =.=

Using the face that she managed to slice off, she managed to trace the owner to an institute and got a bunch of addresses. The chief was pissed when he heard she was investigating this.

In the meanwhile, a police decide to go to a "confort house". With the entertainers like this, I was very sure something bad will happen to him..

number 69 LOL

Snail girl...WTF

Thankfully he has good taste and choose number 69, but before you get any 69 action, it was revealed its a trap..see, I told you. He was captured and turned into an engineer.

Which goes into a rampage at the police station the next day...

Don't even ask ok =.=

He managed to kill lotsa police before they finally stop him. The police chief was very angry and ordered the men to hunt down all engineers, even suspected one..

In the meanwhile, Ruka followed the last lead and came face to face with the mysterious engineer. The moment of truth..

I was so scared that he will say "Ruka, I am your father". But luckily not. He tell the story of a retired sniper that has a son, the son study genetic engineering but did not have enough money. So the father decided to take a last job offered by someone. The job was to kill a policeman that opposes the privatition of the police force. Ruka's father was a policeman and he was killed right, so you put 2 and 2 together. The sniper was killed afterwards by someone (the person who hired him of course).

During the time, the son was studying the genetics of all the famous serial killers.

Hey, where's Bush name??

Upon hearing about his father's death, he injected all the gene of all the seriel killers to seek revenge. In a moment of madness he jumped off the building and woke up at a big door. A sort of demon like creature gave him the key. When he woke up out of the coma, the doctors found a key in his body. He cloned the key and its the base of all engineers...

Then he said he has no fight with Ruka and the person that ordered the hit on Ruka's father was of course the police chief...

In the meanwhile the police was busy killing everyone suspected of being in engineer, which means lotsa innocent people get killed.

Upon returning and seeing a lot of civilians were killed by the police, she was angry and it invoked the engineer power inside her (remember she was given a key ok). So off to face the chief.

But before that she has to go through a guy with a hand cannon, literally LOL. This cannon shoots out hand. no kidding =.=

Then dunno what creature it this, its a girl who's arm and legs were cut off and replaced with katana..

Finally the chief..
Ruka salutes her dead father. Notice the engineer hand and eye..

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