Thursday, January 1, 2009

Random Thoughts for New Year

Ah, its new year again. Time to make some resolutions that will soon be forgotten. I hope people can pull through with the new year resolution this year. An as a coincident, the Islamic new year falls on the 29th of December this year. So 2 new years in one week. And the Chinese New Year is coming the end of January 2009.

I have never been a fan of New Year Countdown celebration, too many people go out and there will be a massive traffic jam. So I just stayed at home in front of the computer. There was a concert at Queensbay and Bosco "dunno who" was there. My students know this guy but I am from a different era. Anyway he is a famous HK actor it seems.

There was quite a ruckus on Christmas night and it seems that the management of Gurney Plaza was not taking any chances. I was there on New Year's Day and it seems they pasted news paper cutting around the complex "29 in Jail on Christmas Eve". Hmm, that's one way to deter rowdy crowd I guess. Anyway, I don't understand why these people go crazy during celebrations. Too much to drink? Release tension or just for fun?. Fun? A knife stuck to you might not be so fun after all.

There are sales going on until the 4th of January, but it seems there are too many people around shopping. Economic crisis? What economic crisis, I see people shopping and buying clothes like hell. Did I buy anything? Not yet. ha ha. Funny thing is some salesgirl there knows me already, but some place I dont get any service at all. Maybe they do not know me ha ha... But I am considering to buy a white shirt or a purple shirt or a black shirt. No red shirt for me even though CNY is coming..I saw a brand called Joseph Abboud at Gurney, never heard of it but check out, it seems to be a famous brand. A shirt for 399 =.=|||

Got my sis a new notebook. 3Gb of RAM makes even my stupid Maxis line faster. Hmm, gonna get a new one for myself soon. But cannot buy 2 in one months, later I die ha ha.

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