Thursday, January 8, 2009

Random thoughts on Sex and Chopsticks

Finally managed to get the dvd to work completely. Using another computer now. Here are some random scenes.

Torpedo soup, Chinese Style. If you don't know what is torpedo soup, its the cow's penis. You can eat torpedo soup at any Nasi Kandar stall at night even though its costly. In my previous job, we took one Singaporean Engineer to eat torpedo soup and did not tell him until after he has eaten it. The look on his face, as the credit card advertising say "Priceless".

This is where the movie gets the title. One pair of chopsticks and lotsa sex.

This brothel is super high class. They even set 2 conditions before accepting customers.

The first one does make sense, however the second one, well, look for yourself.

The agreement is you cannot revealed what happen there or..

they will hire a killer to kill you. Hmm, I wonder how they retain thier customer. Its like the sales department head saying to the manager "Sir, our sales for this month have dropped cause we killed a few of our customers"

This happens to me a lot, especially when I go to Gurney or Queensbay....

But this is not my thought when that happen ha ha....

If you read the novel, you know this short guy is super dead =.=

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