Monday, January 5, 2009

The case of the blur salesgirl..

I went to buy new pants today since I have torn 2 during the holidays. I wonder how James Bond's pants can last since he lives a rougher life. Anyway I went to Dockers to buy a new pants. But that's not the story here..

Dockers basically can be categorized into two, flat front and pleated pants. Flat front as the name suggest has no pleats. Then they have mobile pants which cost more cause it has hidden pockets that no one seems to use, D2 which is slim fit (not as slim as skinny pants) and D4 which is relaxed fit (loose fit).

That's the funny thing about loose pants, if you are skinny, it makes you look skinnier =.= and if you are fat, it makes you look fatter. Avoid these unless you wear your hat backwards and have plenty of bling-blings...I usually wear D2, flat front.

So I asked the girl for grey flat front D2 pants. She said only Mobile Pants D4 and pleated D2 have grey color. So I tried the mobile pants, and was considering to get it. Out of curiosity, I wanna try the pleated D2, but when I got to look at it, it was flat front D2 =.=

I was wondering whether the person know what the hell is a pleat???

Anyway, I did buy the pants. The moral of the story, boys and girls, is to know your stuff before you decide to work part time or anything

In the meanwhile, study hard and know your stuff....

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