Thursday, January 29, 2009

Random Thoughts of the day

We lost another one today..another lecturer got a job somewhere. Good for them. But not IT school. Everytime I hear this news, I feel glad for them cause they got better prospect already. What about me, soon. In the meantime, I would like to quote the song "Runaway" by Del Shannon..

I'm a-walking in the rain
To the bone I feel the pain
Wishing you were here by me
To end this misery
And I wonder, wonder
Why, you ran away
And I wonder if you will stay
My little runaway, my runaway

Its the intro to a great series "Crime Story" back in the 80s. ha ha. You are not here yet..

I was looking for a notebook yesterday, look at all the mini notebook. Actually I bought a notebook for my sister this month, if buy another one for myself sure faint, so looking for cheap ones. In the end it seems this mini notebook cannot be upgraded, so decided to buy a normal notebook, now still searching. hmmm

A lot of people are shopping these days so decided not to buy new clothes (for now =.=), but I really need a new shoe cause mine is getting old. If buy clothes, I really feel like buying black colored ones...

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