Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Action speaks louder than words? O____O

Tuesday January 13, 2009
Cops identify man who hit Dong Zong president

KAJANG: Police have identified the man who punched New Era College senate chairman Dr Yap Sin Tian during the convocation on Sunday.

Kajang OCPD Asst Comm Shakaruddin Che Mood said they were also studying the closed-circuit TV clip to determine the gravity of the assault.

Dr Yap was punched while giving a speech. The attacker was wearing a shirt used by members of a fund-raising event at the college and is said to be a former student.

ACP Shakaruddin declined to say if the attack was linked to a squabble between Dr Yap and the college’s former principal Dr Kua Kia Soong.

Dr Yap, who is Dong Zong (United Chinese School Commit-tees Association of Malaysia) president, is said to have supported the decision not to extend Dr Kua’s contract when it expired last month.

Dr Kua has condemned the attack.

“Of course I am not involved. I am no longer working in the college,” he said.

He added that the man who had punched Dr Yap had done damage to the cause he and others were fighting for, which was for a more democratic college.

Deputy Higher Education Minister Dr Hou Kok Chung expressed shock and regret over the incident.

“I hope all parties involved will be able to give their cooperation to the police so that the case can be solved as soon as possible,” he said at Parliament yesterday.

He said the assault had marred the image of private institutions of higher learning.


Jwo-Haur said...

Inspired by the shoe-throwing Iraqi journalist, no doubt. :-D "If someone deserves a shoe or a punch in his face, just do it." (my interpretation of the Bush incident)

Actually, I don't know whether this Dr Yap character deserves it or not. I haven't been following that issue. :-)

Anonymous said...

Padan muka. Thank you. This punch is to people who oppose teaching of Maths in English. This punch is towards people for oppose National Schools.

The puncher should be made a key person in the Education Ministry.

Anonymous said...

Then we would start seeing people brawling during parliament sessions. Like in Taiwan. Yeah, great direction for our nation to head towards! Duh.

The opposition towards teaching science and maths in English has nothing to do with nationalistic ideals. Those who oppose, oppose out of practical reasons only. The Chinese students are not the only ones suffering from the policy! You think most of the Malay kids are enjoying it? Come on, not all children can learn with the same measure. Let those who can cope, cope with more of their own accord. But let those who can't choose not to suffer the burden.

Anonymous said...

Long time ago Science and Maths was taught in English while Sejarah and Ilmu Alam were taught in Bahasa for Secondary schools. Chinese schoold only started English in Standard 3.

With such a multilingual scenario, the kids from the 60s turned out well - including the Dr "Punched" Yap and almost all of the cabinet.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it cute to be like Taiwan? Not only the officials fight well in Parliament, Porn Stars too can be officials. And remember back then we thought to emulate the Eastern Dragons.

Hope to see more drama on You Tube.

Anonymous said...

Gladiator-like parliamentarians and porn-star officials... cute indeed. LOL

Anonymous said...

Dish Dish Dish
Shows students are brave.